24: Legacy is the first time Jack Bauer will not lead a 24 series.

If you have to ask “Who is Jack Bauer?” you are now dead to me.

In case you live in a bunker or are hiding from government agencies, a TV series began in 2001 on FOX called 24. Created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran it represented the single day of one man as each of the 24 episodes in the season lasted 1 hour. With the episodes existing in real-time, this meant when you went to commercial you just lost 4 minutes of what was happening (most likely bathroom breaks for everyone). It revolutionized a unique format and was compelling television for the most part.

Following Jack as he works for the government agency CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit), you felt what it’s like to be right there. Watching things unfold in real-time made you feel like you were more a part of what was happening. With each episode you really are left on the edge of your seat.

Jack’s “good guy/boy scout” brought it’s own rush since you learn early on it’s simply misdirection. Jack believes the world needs to be safer, by any means necessary. Torture and blackmail become normal words and very acceptable situations for Jack. So what kind of action-packed plots run though a typical season? Oh, the usual: Presidential assassination attempts, nuclear bomb threats, bio-terrorism and other exploits.

Talk about a show meant for binge watching! Why did it work so well? Bauer. Some even referred to 24 as The Jack Bauer Power Hour. When I need a rush of adrenaline I pop in one of the nearly worn down blu-ray sets and watch it again.

The series ran for 192 episodes over 8 seasons and had a TV movie, 24: Redemption. The producers discussed ending the show several times through its run, and time after time the writers worked with Kiefer Sutherland to build up the next big plot.  It’s been hard to find a drama TV series that gripped me in the same way that 24 did. It even disappeared from TV altogether and returned after much fan demand with 24: Live Another Day.

What is next for the franchise and show? A return to TV of course, but without Bauer…

24: Legacy debuts on FOX with new lead Eric Carter filling the shoes of Jack Bauer.

24: Legacy, a spin-off series featuring all new characters is premiering February 5, 2017, after Super Bowl LI. Like the last season, Live Another Day, Legacy it will take place over 12 episodes. It is still called 24 though, not 12. Just go with it. The producers feel that this truncated season format provides them the time needed to really give their all.

I’m not thrilled that it will not include Kiefer Sutherland, but I will give it a chance. Although, if they had a new actor playing Jack Bauer I’d implode with rage. So I’m glad they are just expanding the universe and leaving the door open to special appearances and cameos as we reported recently. The new storyline does stay true to the loyal fan base, so I hope it will bring in some new blood to continue these real-time dramatic events to keep us all glued to our sofas. Here’s the 24: Legacy trailer:

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