Wonder No More: Why The WONDER WOMAN Trailer Is Great

Continuing the trend the WONDER WOMAN poster set with vibrant colors and a tone that is more than a single note of grimdark this trailer is simply stunning. Watch below. Our thoughts to follow.

Look at what we have on display in this trailer: a clear concept of story that leaves much to discover, vivid imagery ranging from island beach warfare to World War I battles, and humor (!) that feels appropriate.

I won’t go into further detail about DC and how things have needed to change, but I am elated to say that this trailer further reinforces that something is happening for the better. This is a change I can believe in. And if that wasn’t enough, the trailer itself is just an amazing accomplishment.

Here’s why the WONDER WOMAN trailer is great…

The visual appeal is going to appear to the audience. It shows an island with color and interesting geography, oceans, beach battles with Amazonian’s, World War I battles that contrast against those. The island of Themyscira is reminiscent of Asgard from THOR in that it is a foreign land of warriors and goddesses and the World War I scenes certainly invoke memories of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, but in a way that is circumstance of the time period. The action looks clear and the staging and cinematography of some of the slow motion and speed-ramped shots are quite simply breathtaking (Amazonian slo-mo arrow shooting anyone?!). I love that there is a visual contrast. There’s also imagery that is warm and golden that all feels like it was done in service to the film instead of just because. There is art direction here.

That makes this film even more anticipated, but I would like to point out how important this movie is to progress and to girls and women in general. It’s huge. It’s Rey in STAR WARS. It means something. A friend of mine who isn’t in depth on more than a cursory level with movies like these posted about this trailer on social media and said how important it was to her as a young woman who has a baby girl. She mentioned how fun and funny it was and how it looked different than the other DC movies (as soon as she clarified it was indeed not a Marvel film). This is what DC wants and it seems as if they are aiming to get this one right. It conveys such support and care for the wealth of their rich characters instead of just assuming it’ll make money because BATMAN fights SUPERMAN! No, this is smart.

The momentum for this trailer builds and builds with a wonderful pace and editing. Before it gets into the action Steve Trevor asks who Princess Diana’s father was and after getting his answer that she didn’t have a father, but was created by Zeus he states, “Well, that’s neat.” Then we see various battles and Wonder Woman appears in slow motion from the trenches of battle and stands out in her armor that thank the maker is bright and colorful while still looking badass and battle worn. Seriously. That’s amazing. We see the details on her armor and the back of her shield, the scuffs on her boots, and the golden lasso of truth at her side. She knocks aside a mortar round and deflects bullets and uses her glowing with power lasso and it all looks so cool.

What follows is my favorite part of this trailer; Steve Trevor is diving towards enemies in a fighter plane shooting a machine gun and the sound carries from that into a drumline march for other scenes of battle being both the sound of machine gun fire and music that helps ramp up the momentum even further until it stops momentarily to catch your breath as you see Wonder Woman pause in a room full of soldiers she’s about to lay waste to. We then get even more glimpses of action sequences speed-ramping in full effect and all done with visual confidence.

Diana then strikes down an enemy with her sword as the screen cuts to black and we hear the Wonder Woman theme from BATMAN V SUPERMAN and see the title appear, the WW logo with her name under it, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t have chills of excitement. I loved that theme so much more than I ever had before. That momentum from the trailer gave it more than BvS ever could have and I loved that this trailer was able to do that.

This. All of this. This is why the WONDER WOMEN trailer is great.

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