Here’s our first look at ‘Old Man’ Logan.

Wow, bub. That’s not what we were expecting.

What I like most about this trailer for Logan is that it doesn’t look or feel like an X-Men movie. If you didn’t see Logan pop his claws you might not even know it was. I’m huge fan of this. These movies have never been the best looking, but Logan is pretty. It has scale (those wide desert shots), but is an intimate story (Logan is sad). That’s a smart direction.

Sure, ‘Hurt’ is as heavy-handed as they come, but it gets the point across. Wolverine is older, battered and beaten with a healing factor in the dumps. We know this from his scars and all of the wounds we see on him that aren’t magically disappearing.

Professor X is along for the ride this time too. This is a weird choice considering Charles is already old, so he’s really old in Logan. And who is the girl? She’s Laura, a clone of Wolverine code-named x-23.

Logan is set in 2024, so it doesn’t feel that far into the future. Because it’s not. I think it should have been much later. There’s going to need to be a lot of explanation as to where all of the X-Men went and how, which is what Days of Future Past already did.

My faith in the convoluted continuity of the X Universe quickly diminished after X-Men: Apocalypse sullied me to a low point. First Class is the bright moment amongst them all, but Bryan Singer is slowly destroying it. Director James Mangold’s The Wolverine was liked, but not loved. Can Logan go out on a high note? There’s a lot of rich story potential to pull from in Old Man Logan, even with the limitations of not having the rights to the greater Marvel universe. From the teaser I’m skeptical, but curious. These movies always have the same plot even when they try to do something new (time travel, prequels, reboots). This is the ninth movie and I’m anxious for something truly bold and new.

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