There is a hell. This is worse.

That’s one hell of a tagline. In keeping with our recent dedication to all things spooky this month, I wanted to bring your attention to something awesome that you may not be aware of. Check out the short trailer below and then we will regroup afterwards.

That is a proof of concept trailer for an original horror film titled The Void. This originally came to my attention last year. The writer and directing team, Steven Kostanski & Jeremy Gillespie (Manborg), included that trailer on their Indiegogo page. They hoped to raise the needed funds to finish their practical effects heavy horror film.

I was hooked instantly. Consequently, I’ve been looking for news of the project on a regular basis ever since. Here is what the directors want to accomplish with The Void:

“With this project we are pooling over ten years of experience to conjure up a terrifying film that will combine the aesthetic attitude of modern horror cinema as it emerged in the 1970s with the splatter and sophisticated practical special effects that ruled the creature features of the 1980s and early 90s. But make no mistake, unlike Manborg and Father’s Day, this time we aren’t joking around. We are committed to introducing audiences to a unique horror-mythology.”

I am happy to announce they raised the needed funds and completed the film. The world premiere was at Fantastic Fest this past September. Currently, The Void is moving through the festival ranks as we speak in an effort to secure distribution.

There is no news yet as to when we can expect The Void to receive a wider release, but rest assured, I will let you know!

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