Watch the ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Season 2 Trailer that was banned from Comic-Con

… for being “too gory.”

Well, yeah! It’s ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, you can bet it’s going to be gory. But is it too gory?

I mean, it’s pretty damn gory to be fair, but nothing that anyone at Comic-Con would be aghast about. I loved the first season of the return of Ash battling deadites. It was funny, creepy, yes gory, and knew its tone throughout and managed to give fans a lot of what they wanted (those last three episodes especially) without feeling like fan service.

Out of all of the imagery in this Season 2 trailer I honestly love the opening of Ash chainsawing a keg open at a party in the mecca of Jacksonville, FL (Oh, Ash), but him nodding in agreement with his hand puppet is a very close second.

What was your favorite thing in the trailer? And was this too gory?

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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