Teyana Taylor is an actual goddess, right?

We won’t write 5,000 words on what we just witnessed above because all we need to say is, “DAMN.”

The subject of the video, Teyana Taylor, doesn’t even work out and eats whatever she wants. “I might have worked out maybe two or three times in my whole life and it probably didn’t last longer than 15 minutes,” she told People. How does she keep all of what you see above so THAT? She continued,¬†“Everybody has their own way, and dancing is for me,” she confessed. “I could literally try to workout in the gym and really be ready to give up in less than five minutes.”

The video speaks for itself, well, besides that part at the end where they’re cat people in the middle of a bunch of sheep, but the rest is straight forward. I thought that it may offend some of our female readership and fellow staff writers, but the response we’ve gotten is that this is empowering to women and not objectifying them like so many other hip-hop videos continue to do.¬†Taylor is a powerful woman who is using her natural athleticism and talent to showcase a song from one of the most unique and talked about albums and artist we have.

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