The Deadwood and NYPD Blue showrunner is coming on-board to help Nic Pizzolatto with the third season of True Detective.

EW is reporting:

Creator Nic Pizzolatto has penned at least the first two episodes for a potential third edition of the acclaimed anthology crime drama.

The extent of Pizzolatto and Milch’s collaboration is still [in its] early days and not yet formalized. Obviously, Milch’s experience as a writer will be a key component, but for the record he’s not expected to serve as the True Detective showrunner (at this stage, there is no specified season 3 showrunner). Also keep in mind a third season has also not yet been greenlit, so new episodes are far from certain.

This is some very interesting and also very good news for the True Detective devoted. Season 1 is an all-timer and Season 2… has its moments. They are few and far in between and I still don’t really understand what the plot was about with pipelines, but the cast really brought they’re best to the lacking material. “Is that a fucking E- cigarette?” and “Look me in the eyes. I wanna watch your lights go out.” are two of my favorite lines that I say often. Sometimes just for fun!

It’s good that Pizzolatto is seeking help from someone like David Milch who exceeds in this kind of thing. It shows that he may have given some attention to the backlash from Season 2 and wants to really course correct for Season 3. Asking for help is sometimes the strongest thing one can do or whatever. Look, I just want it to be really great again guys. Milch was last reported to be bringing back his HBO series Deadwood for a movie or miniseries, but nothing was mentioned about that long gestating project.

We can’t not mention that Matthew McConaughey recently said he would be interested in reprising his Rust Cohle role as well. Time is indeed a flat circle.

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