The Shape of things to come…

I’ll be honest, there is no other movie I’m looking forward to more than Halloween. I know who is involved and that Blumhouse is producing and I have steered clear of any other details. This is becoming a more common trend in die-hard movie fans that we’ll address in an editorial soon. So when the trailer starts I was surprised to find Michael Myers has been in an asylum all this time while lone survivor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) built secret panic rooms and became an expert shot and all around badass. Of course I want to know how he was captured and more, but I quickly let those thoughts subside as I watched this chilling opening that does something that the majority of the entries after the original film failed to do…

It scared me.

The sequel to the original Halloween wipes the butcher knife clean of the blood and rust the series has garnered these last forty years. Nothing after the original entry happened, not even the family ties of Laurie and Michael that this trailer cheekily addresses as an urban legend. Gone are all the convoluted and convenient horror tropes of the aforementioned and the horrible druid Cult of Thorn curse that over-explained Michael’s supernatural abilities of, well, not dying.

The tone is perfect. Brown leaves litter the ground as carved jack-o-lanterns sit on hay bales in yards with sheet ghosts firmly planted for decoration. It is the fall and it is definitely Halloween. The feeling that envokes is surprisingly something that the series often has failed to capture, especially considering its namesake.

There are a few nice callbacks including a scene that has a costumed child running into Michael as he roams the neighborhood street with original music cue and all. These are nice nods that aren’t overly threading the needle of Myers dilapidated mask in nostalgic repair.

The teeth, the mirror shot, and the closet scene. That closet scene!

Regardless of what the end result turns out to be, we know John Carpenter is giving us a new score. For that alone this sequel is worth the risk. Also, the franchise has never had another truly great film. Debate all you want for the stand alone third entry (Tom Atkins forever), the pitch perfect feeling of the season of Halloween in The Return of Michael Myers opening titles (which this trailer is already rivaling), or the self aware Scream era H2O entry. But nothing has lived up to Carpenter’s original work four decades ago. If there is ever a chance for another Halloween movie to do so, it’s this one.

David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Snow Angels) is directing from a script he co-wrote with Danny McBride (Alien: Covenant, Vice Principals) and Jeff Fradley. Halloween also stars Will Patton, Virginia “Ginny” Gardener, Dylan Arnold, Drew Scheid, Miles Robbins, and features the return of Nick Castle as The Shape himself.

October 19th is the night he returns home.

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