Kings of Leon’s new song is a return to form, but is it enough?

I have a Friday routine of sitting down before starting work and immediately checking Spotify’s new music releases. This used to be on Tuesdays* until last year for whatever reason, but I digress… I saw a new song by Kings of Leon waiting for me to play. When was the last time they put out anything? Or more accurately, when was the last time they put out anything good?

That’s actually a complicated answer.

Let’s be blunt: Mechanical Bull (2013) and Come Around Sundown (2010) are albums so bland and forgettable that I didn’t remember one track from them. After searching the tracklists I found ‘Pony Up’ and remembered that was the one song that was kind of okay. It wasn’t ‘Knocked Up’ or ‘Milk’ good though.

Kings of Leon blew up with Only By The Night. They were the band that everyone loved for two years straight. They became the band that people who didn’t know shit about music loved. This universal acceptance slowly crept into the pop culture landscape and took its toll. Only By The Night is an album that straddles that fine line of being good pop-rock music, a sentence that’s a rarity to type. I’ll still listen to ‘Closer’ (kick ass opener), ‘Revelry’, ‘Notion’, ‘I Want You’, and ‘Be Somebody’. And fuck you I’ll still listen to ‘Use Somebody’ all day. But Kings of Leon got boring after the mainstream success. That was eight years ago.

This new song ‘Waste A Moment’ is straddling that fine line of sounding like their old stuff and still stroking the mainstream. I kind of love it.

Kings of Leon’s seventh studio album Walls is out October 14.


* I liked new music Tuesdays better for what it’s worth. It gave us more time to let albums breathe and by the weekend we’d be set to listen to the songs we had more of a feeling for.

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