“I’m just getting started.”

We saw how great Mike Colter’s rendition of Power Man Luke Cage was in the seriously wonderful first season of Jessica Jones and now we have our first glimpse of his own series that will lead up to The Defenders after Iron Fist debuts sometime next year.

I dig it. Sure, the lighting is still depressing and dark like Daredevil, but ODB makes everything a little more playful, right? Luke Cage was a trash talking superhero with invulnerable skin that was paid to take care of crime in the comics – a ‘hero for hire’ you could say. In the last decade plus he’s shown a softer side in the writings of Brian Michael Bendis becoming a family man and an Avenger. Colter carries a lot of hurt in his eyes and performance, but I do love his take on the character. With that said, I am hoping that his on-screen chemistry with his buddy Danny Rand will bring out more of the lighter side of him and maybe we can see him smile some more or crack a joke and not just heads… but damn does he cracks ’em good tho.

Binge watch Luke Cage on Netflix this September 30th.

Heath Scott

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