STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Teaser Trailer

In the fall of 1984… The adventure continues.

I’m not going to waste anymore of your time. Here’s the Stranger Things Season 2 teaser!

I’d expect nothing less from Stranger Things than to give us a teaser trailer that’s full of clues and intrigue. I must admit that when I saw ‘Mad Max’ appear on screen I had delusions of what that could mean, but my mind was racing. I did appreciate the nod to the character of course. It fits perfectly within the world and time of our newly beloved Stranger Things universe.

The teaser is simple and effective. We have the theme song and the modified titles coming together to make the obvious Season Two title (love) and then we have the clues. These are going to set us off into a theorizing frenzy.

We have the following clues/episode titles:

Mad Max (Perhaps a new badass character. What else?)
The Boy Who Lived
(Harry Potter obviously.)
The Pumpkin Patch (I’m like a HUGE fan of pumpkin patches in general.)
The Palace (No idea!)
The Storm (No idea!)
The Pollywog (Perhaps a little creature from the Upside Down? I dunno.)
The Secret Cabin (I’m a fan of secret cabins. Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, Antichrist.)
The Brain (Perhaps in reference to the head of the government agency? Pinky and the?)
And The Lost Brother (Oooooooh!)

Stranger Things Season Two comes to Netflix next year. Decipher the clues in the comments below.

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