Stranger Introductions

Set in the early 80’s, Stranger Things provides a blanket of nostalgia for those old enough to remember the ‘Amblin’ era. A time when playing outside with no adult supervision for countless hours was not only normal, but acceptable. There’s timely music throughout the series and also culturally significant posters adorned on some of the kids’ walls as well. My personal favorite was catching the brief glimpse of a poster from John Carpenter’s The Thing in Mike Wheeler’s basement (The Thing was also being watched by the kids school teacher Mr. Clarke at home on his television – is this even possible? The Thing came out June 25, 1982 and Stranger Things takes place November 6, 1983. We gotta look into this…). Well, YouTuber Tim Bennett has taken the next logical step and created his own version of the opening credits to match the tone and aesthetic of those happy-go-lucky family comedies that were so beloved in the 80’s. Not exactly part of the same ‘Amblin’ era, but certainly on point with the time period.

Randy Newman’s Strange Things is the perfect addition to this pitch perfect piece of fan art. The lyrics kick in at just the right moment too. I love this kind of thing when done well and this fits the bill. It’s also a testament to how beloved Stranger Things has become in such a short time. Also, it’s fun! Yeah!

Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds

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