It’s good to have our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man back.

Emphasis on “friendly” here. Tom Holland and his portrayal of Spider-Man is pitch perfect. In Captain America: Civil War he proved that with minimal screen time. His presence and embodiment of both Spider-Man and Peter Parker was the purest form of the character we’ve seen yet.

Spidey coming back to Marvel, or rather Sony bartering a wise deal with the house of ideas after botching their rebooted Spider-Man franchise, is a humble and wise move. After two dark and sloppy Amazing Spider-Man movies, it’s nice to see a studio not only give fans what they want, but also have the foresight to know this is going to be a win. I mean, we have Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man flying through the New York skyline with the webslinger. Ticket sold (as if it wasn’t already).

The trailer gives us a tone that’s perfect for a high school superhero. Spider-Man wants to do more and be more after getting a taste of the action in Civil War. His mentor, Tony Stark, advises him against this, but lets him keep the suit upgrade and gives him yet another upgrade you can view below.

Steve Ditko web-wings! I love that detail for the costume.

And Fav’s, Foggy Nelson. Yes. All good things to report from these glimpses. If this was another franchise outside of Marvel I would be concerned that Tony Stark would overpower Peter Parker and hog all of the good moments, but Civil War proved otherwise. This studio has earned that faith time and time again. The dynamic these two characters have in the cinematic universe is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

Spider-Man is the perfect superhero for our modern age of millennial minds. Peter Parker is an underpaid freelance photographer making money out of taking selfies as his superhero persona. I love that a character that is over half a century old is still relevant in the present. Newspapers are downsizing and typically understaffed, but surprisingly, freelance photography is becoming a much larger piece of the budget as regular staff photographers aren’t as affordable and everyone has an iPhone. I’m interested to see how the Daily Bugle is handled in the new series if it makes it into Spider-Man: Homecoming at all.

Can’t wait to see more from the wall crawler, Micheal Keaton as Vulture, whomever Zendaya is, and the whole thing.

Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives July 7th, 2017.

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