Sony Announces Two New PS4 Models

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House took to the stage at Sony’s Playstation Meeting 2016 event today to announce two new Playstation 4 models that will release worldwide this fall.

The first model is slimmer, faster and a more efficient replacement of the current PS4 model on the market, which will release September 15 for $299.

The second model, which was the clear star of the presentation, is a high-end model that is both 4K and HDR compatible. Called Playstation 4 Pro, it is targeted specifically to the hardcore gamer and cutting-edge tech adopter. House announced it will be released November 10 for $399.

Mark Cerny, lead architect of the PS4 system, then came on stage to give technical specs on the PS4 Pro, describing the modular upgrade as “forward compatibility.” It will have an upgraded GPU, a faster CPU and a 1 TB hard drive, which will render games faster and in higher detail. Cerney showed in-game footage of Spider-Man (TBA), For Honor (Feb 14), Watch Dogs 2 (Nov 15), Days Gone (TBA) and other upcoming games to demonstrate it’s higher graphical and technical capabilities.

House returned to announce a new Netflix app will also be available for the PS4 Pro that will have many 4K-supported movies and TV show, and that every PS4 model will be retroactively made HDR-compatible via a firmware update coming next week.

Andrew Wyzan

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