SEXY BITCHES, Pitbull’s Music Video, Paid For By FLORIDA?

Mr. Worldwide still sticks to his Florida roots.

Thanks Florida! No, not Flo-Rida, this is really serious news! “Sexy Bitches“, Pitbull‘s new music video, and the tourism agency of Florida, got together and paid for it all. When you see the video, at first you are like, “okay, it’s a new Pitfall video, it should be full of Miami scenes and a ton of celebrities popping bottles.

Well, still kinda is, but without the flashiness of a typical Pitbull video. Instead you have a better looking version of a Sandal’s advertisement with long curly haired ladies playing in the water on a very beautiful beach in Florida.

Now, the video itself is very professionally done, but it still leaves a bit of “ad” taste in your mouth for the first 30 seconds. Once you get past that, then it’s not too bad. Maybe it’s the girls, maybe it’s Pitbull’s natural charm (gag) but either way, the video is pretty boring unless those two things are exactly what you are looking to see. A bald guy, rocking the typical Tony-Montana-style suit, walking down stairs with a bunch of women. You know, as all native Miami

Sexy Beaches” ft. Chloe Angelides from Pitbull’s album ‘Globalization

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