SCREAM Season 2 Finale: And The Killer Is…

Did you guess who the killer was?


We won’t spoil it in the first line for you, but having said that, we’re going to dive into who the killer(s) is/are after this…


Final warning.


Like, for reals…


Okay, let’s do this.


Turns out we were right in our guess! Wow/aww man! Apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought the same as Kieran was leading’s own poll with 43% of the vote. Damn. So maybe it wasn’t the best kept mystery. The major clue was in Episode 8 Village of the Damned that centered around a celebration of Lakewood’s aka “Murderville’s” 100th birthday.  Kieran came out of a house of mirrors at the fairgrounds dressed in the killers trademark black boots and hoodie with the Brandon James mask on. A knife was duct taped to his hand and his mouth was as well. But…

I thought to myself, “Well, that’s a way to avoid being caught when you have nowhere to run… and some duct tape handy of course.” It seems everyone else figured that as well, but is this season still a success despite the majority of viewers being able to peg the killer? I think so. Season 2 was sure-footed from the beginning. It had a fantastic opening that is as close to an homage to the original Scream movies we’re likely to get (Scream 2 opens in a movie theater where the audience is watching Stab based on the story of the first Scream), but still manages to put a new twist on what happens that genuinely surprised me.

It’s clever for something that is fighting the traditional horror movie tropes. It’s harder to do this in a long form format as well. Most horror movies follow the sameness of what lies ahead in the next 90 minutes, but Scream is telling this over 8 hours in a series of episodes.

I’m sorry to see Kieran go, but he’s not gone forever. Yet. The season finale ends when Kieran gets a phone call in prison. It turns out that it’s none other than Brandon James (or so we think) and he doesn’t sound too happy, but he does sound kind of happy (the gleefully conniving *voice of the killer (no matter who it is throughout the years) is still here and sounds exactly the same as in the movies – this doesn’t make sense, but I welcome it).

Scream had troubles with its ratings this year and a third season is not promised, but I would love to see how they handle it. Would we know Brandon James is the killer from the start? If so, how would that change “the rules” that have been established? I really hope we find out.

To catch up on Scream you can watch the first season via Netflix and catch all of Season 2 on
P.S. This song played during the season finale and I definitely added that to My Shazam Tracks playlist on Spotify. You got me MTV!


*I know that they’ve used a voice changer box and mobile app in the past to explain this, but I meant the demeanor and tone the voice of the killer has always had.

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