Our First Look At The Official WONDER WOMAN Poster From SDCC

Our thoughts follow below…


Not one single piece of flying debris.

No motion blur.

No gray skies with rain sucking the saturation and life away from our hero like other posters.

No, this poster… this poster understands. It GETS it.

The silhouette of Wonder Woman stares out into the distance, most likely on a mountain shore from her island home of Themyscira. We can assume this because her hair blows in the wind. The sun is setting with vivid oranges and reds as the coastal sky full of clouds and blues sets a complimentary palette that brings out the bright colors of her warriors armor.

Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.

This poster conveys all of those wonderfully. Has DC heard our prayers? Based on this I’d say so. This is fantastic marketing and could possibly be the first piece of course correction and drastic change the DC Expanded Universe needed to make.

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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