Not A Fan Of SUPERGIRL’S Superman

I love Supergirl. The first season of the CBS show, which thankfully has found a home with fellow DC alum at The CW, portrays a character that is inherently good far far better than the last two Superman films have. Ironically, in the first season Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) would occasionally IM her big cousin and ask for advice or receive words and emoji’s of encouragement and we thought it was a nice way to show he existed, but we never thought he would appear. If he didn’t in 10 seasons of Smallville he certainly wouldn’t in Supergirl!

We were wrong.

Here is the Supergirl and DC television universe version of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) in costume…


And I hate it!

His boots are too big and clunky, so is his belt which also doesn’t give him any angular lines of movement but rather cuts him in half (compare to Supergirl). He’s small and about as wide a frame as Supergirl (which I’m willing to bet makes him the smallest Superman on screen to date). It looks as if he has no definition at all and I know that he does, but Henry Cavill he is not. His hair is very tall and pompadour-ish. The photo itself may just be taken from too low of an angle in trying to convey the superior hero stance, but everyone knows that’s the worst angle to look flattering. Am I right selfie queens and kings? That said, Melissa Benoist looks great! Like, the opposite of her big cousin next to her!

Supergirl looks and feels far more legit in this first photo of them together. Perhaps it’s because she has a whole season under wraps and is confident in the costume. I instantly believe she IS Supergirl. It doesn’t hurt that Supergirl’s costume is just a better design. I’m hoping that Tyler Hoechlins Superman will look better in action and his charisma shines through in a way it does not in this image. I haven’t seen him in Teen Wolf so I cannot declare if charisma is something he has only a drop of or buckets of. But I’m hoping for buckets.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on this? What’s the best Superman costume to date? And those effin boots are awful! AWFUL!!!

Heath Scott

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