We’re living in a whole new world of live-action Disney remakes.

Aladdin joins the exceedingly long list of live-action remakes by Disney of their classic animated films, including the previously-released Cinderella in, this year’s The Jungle Book and Pete’s Dragon, next year’s Beauty and the Beast, and the upcoming MulanThe Lion King, and Dumbo.

I think that’s all? Until next week that is. You know The Little Mermaid is gonna happen any second. I’m personally waiting on a live-action Toy Story because I like all of the magic to be taken away from me. Can you imagine CG toys in a live-action version replacing the CG toys of the original? Next level.

The even bigger news is that Guy Ritchie is going to direct Aladdin! The Snatch and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. director is going to release King Arthur: Legend of the Sword next year and it looks insane. Like, hugely expensive and weird as hell. I can’t wait for it.

But let’s get down to the real question?

Who is going to play the Genie?

The following is the text conversation between IPC staffers Matt Clubb, Janie Pope, Amy Casaletto and myself…

Matt: Probably The Rock or some shit.
Janie: Shaq. As Kazaam.
Matt: Jaden Smith. I’m not sold on these live-action versions in production.
Janie: The Jungle Book killed it though. I saw it twice in theaters. Also, Rosie O’Donnell.
Heath: Cinderella, and in ways Alice in Wonderland and Maleficent too were part of the trend. Not a fan of any of those though.
Matt: Who could replicate his energy? Kevin Hart?!
Janie: Actually, yeah. Nick Offerman as Jafar.
Matt: Aziz as Jafar.
Janie: Genie is Jean Ralphio.
Matt: Like, so overtly off-base racist.
Janie: Parks and Rec Aladdin. But yeah, they all need to go back to where they came from and build a wall… WRONG. (this is obviously a joke)
Matt: Aladdin is obviously Tom Cruise.
Heath: Tom Cruise as Aladdin somehow makes perfect sense.
Matt: That’s who he was modeled after.
Heath: For tures??? (inside joke)
Matt: Tures. (inside joke follow-through)
Janie: No it isn’t… really??? Jasmine could be Kim Kardashian and Aladdin could be Brock O’hurn.
Heath: You just want to see him in anything.
Matt: I feel like I’d never watch anything Janie produced.
Heath: I’d watch everything Janie produced.
Matt: DeVito as the King.

(There was a brief interlude involving Shiba Inus, Twinkies, Young the Giant, and other things)

Heath: This is my favorite convo ever. TOO BAD AMY IS TOO COOL FOR IT.
Amy: I was in the shower actually! And he’s a Sultan, not a King!
Matt: Sorry nerd.
Amy: Technically Aladdin’s dad is the “King of thieves.” They need to cast Arjun Gupta as Aladdin. He’d be perfect.
Matt: Hey, where’s the Disney dork to make logical suggestions? I’m tired of the funny ones.
Heath: Or just Aziz.
Amy: (middle finger emoji’s)
Matt: <3
Janie: Arjun Gupta is like a Tom Cruise and cartoon Aladdin love child.
Matt: Tom Cruise is like a cartoon Aladdin.

(Then Janie inexplicably sent us this video and the conversation ended)

Who do you think should play the live-action Aladdin characters? Let us know your thoughts!

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