The Mummy  looks more like an Ethan Hunt adventure.

It’s an interestingly cut trailer, I’ll give them that. The way it goes back and forth between shots of Tom Cruise with his eyes closed and shots of the planes surroundings.

*Then there’s the bats (vampire bats?) that cause the plane to crash.

This looks and feels like a mashup of World War Z, Edge of Tomorrow, and the beginning of . It’s not that it’s a bad thing, it just doesn’t feel all that original. The zero G moves as the plane plummets are neat, but isn’t this supposed to be about a mummy?

Not a Brendan Fraser led Indiana Jones-esque adventure, but a reboot of the Universal Monsters, The Mummy mummy.

There’s nothing scary in this trailer. The colors are bright and warm. There’s explosions galore. There’s even a scene where Tom runs from sand like he does in Mission: Impossoble – Ghost Protocol. He runs in every movie of course, but this is only the second time he outruns a sandstorm. I think.

The Mummy in this latest The Mummy looks like Cara Delevinge from , but does not appear to have that funky gyrating move. Again, that’s another action movie. So what gives?

This is supposed to be the first in the rebooted Universal Monsters movies. It looks big and has one of the biggest stars on the planet in it, but the tone is all wrong. So why bother? What is the direction behind these? Is this another wrong attempt at building a shared universe? And how are these things so easily botched?

Also, I’d bet my love of The Monster Squad on those bats actually being vampire bats of Dracula’s. World building!

The Mummy unravels June, 2017.


*For now let’s just move past the part where he wakes up in a morgue supposedly dead from that plane crash. 

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