Marvel Short Shows What Thor Has Been Up To During CIVIL WAR

We bet you were wondering what Thor was up to while Captain America: Civil War was waging.  We all assumed he was off-planet somewhere, waving his hammer around and being gorgeous, but it turns out he was just having a little “me” time.

Marvel debuted this short mockumentary at Comic Con this year and it will be featured on the Captain America: Civil War home video release. Fortunately for those of us who didn’t attend Comic Con and can’t wait a couple more weeks, we got an early present today. Watch the short for yourself:

I’m pretty sure Darryl has earned the Roommate of the Year Award. There are too many things in this video that make it hilarious. How can you not laugh at his evidence wall that he’s put together to figure out what are infinity stones? Especially his highlight of Nick Fury: Fury, what does he really know and is Fury his real name? Or is actually pronounced ‘furry’? 

What do you think about Team Thor?

Amy Casaletto

Amy Casaletto

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