La La Land continues to make our hearts dance in the clouds.

“How you gonna be a revolutionary if you’re such a traditionalist?”

Before today, there were two trailers for the movie that’s scheduled to dance and sing it way into theaters across the country in December. Those trailers are perfect. Much to our delight, trailer number three was released, and just as the previous two it is everything I know love to be, somehow captured at 24 frames a second. Fellow staff writer, Janie Pope saw this at ShowEast recently and hasn’t spoiled anything for me, but has smiled from ear to ear when she sees me lose my mind over how perfect these trailers have been.

This time around we get more of a sense of the story and the combined perspectives of our two leads. I think that may be one of the only instances where we see ‘love at first sight’ actually happen on screen too. I love that.

The on-screen chemistry between Stone, who plays the role of Mia, an aspiring actress working as a waitress on a motion-picture studio lot and Gosling, a jazz pianist named Sebastian, is as rich and magical as Hollywoodland itself. But what we love more than anything is that it feels so real. The way they both look at each other can only be explained as how you actually look at someone you love. The contrast of feeling like your head is in the clouds and you’re floating along with your love sounds like it could be a fantasy, but in actuality is one of the more real descriptions of our feelings that we’ve seen. I’m betting this balance of the dreamlike quality of love and charm is accompanied by the pain and sorrow we know from love as well.

Check out the latest wonderful trailer above and fall in love for the third time. And also check out below the poster that sings all of the praises of La La Land.


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