This Is Your JUSTICE LEAGUE: First Official Team Photo From SDCC

The first official team photo of the Justice League continues the same trend as the Wonder Woman poster. Although not quite as stunning, we have much to be excited about.


Let’s analyze‚Ķ

It’s during the day! At sunset it would seem on a mountain top of some sort. There’s some fog lying around the League’s feet so they must be really high up. There’s no debr–wait– no, there is. There’s some debris on the left side by The Flash. At first I thought it was genuinely a flock of birds and was about to go into depth about the meaning behind that, but lucky for you I can now spare you that. Let’s just say that Flash ran up the mountain to meet the team for their photo op and the debris is from him. Yeah! And– HOLY SHIT. Is Superman‚Ķ SMILING??? Like, it’s close enough to a smile, right? Also, apparently not dead (obviously).

I dig it. Still wish it was a flock of birds though.

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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