Jason Bourne (2016)

Have you been missing Jason Bourne? We certainly have. The last rendition with Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) was a less than satisfying rendition. Although it followed the same storyline (very slightly) it did leave us with some craving for more. It made me want to watch the originals again. It did not give me complete hope that another one would follow. Some movie franchises should die, and when they do, you let them go. After the Bourne Legacy, many fans felt it was over.


The original Matt Damon movie, Bourne Identity, was a wonderful and truly epic move in it’s time. To try and continue the franchise was a smart idea. Once they lost their star after the success of the original three movies, and cast Renner, it was not the same. Although Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum, were epic, the Legacy movie went down a rabbit hole of nonsense.  I feel they may have lost a fan base. This was like losing Jack Bauer on 24.  You simply need to bring back something stronger to replace the last if you want it to succeed.

With that said, I feel like they may just have jump-started the franchise this time with the new Jason Bourne movie. Watch the trailer below for the details. I am not sure if they felt the 4th movie was a let-down and it needed to come back strong now, or did Universal Studios plan this all along? Setting this up in that manner, almost tee-ing up the new Bourne movie be letting the last episode “flop” would be a great idea. I mean, how else do you gets fans engaged to want Damon back?

Matt Damon returns as co-producer of the 5th sequence in the franchise, and from the trailer, it looks quite awesome. It has all the formatting of a typical Jason Bourne movie, explosions, motorcycle chases, running from the “evil government” and of course, a new girl. So what is the big plot twist to bring fans back even more? Jason Bourne’s father apparently created Treadstone. No spoiler here, this is the plot as seen from some of the trailers, so no worry, were not giving it away. You could imagine how Jason feels knowing he was lied to all long…

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