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I’m just old enough to have missed the Power Rangers movement to be fully engrossed by it, but not old enough to not tell you that these five or six high schoolers (I remember the Green Ranger, Tommy y’all!) became these mighty morphing karate fighting rangers that fought space monsters that chilled on their moon base. The bad guys would send down giant monsters who would demolish cardboard buildings of the small town of Angel Grove on a daily basis in the broad daylight.

None were given.

lord-zeddThe Power Rangers would fight back in their Zords and combine together ala Voltron and form a Megazord. I think Brian may gone over this already, but this is how we cope with remembering things that we really don’t have too much interest in.

There was also a bad guy named Zedd who I think was pretty cool looking too… Damn! He’s kind of effed up looking! I like it. Anyways, I remember that I sort of actually liked the Green Ranger and thought he was cool. Probably because he was bad and then turned good and had a Dragonzord and also a gold piece of chest armor made out of a pillow. He was the fucking coolest.

Here’s the teaser trailer for the Power Rangers movie.

This trailer for the rebooted  movie is like sooooo serious. I mean, that ‘Walk the Line’ cover by Halsey is so moody. It looks like there’s sort of a budget for the movie, especially in comparison to other Power Rangers budgets, but it also looks like it takes place within one big rock quarry, a high school, and a house so there’s that.

power-rangers-teaser-4-morphersThe new group of Rangers are all rebels as you can see by the fact that Jason has a wrecked red truck (what color Ranger is he going to be?!) and Kimberly cuts her hair off in the middle of their Breakfast Club day of detention. Jason is totes digging that too. For whatever reason Billy is in detention along with Zack. Maybe Billy did too much homework and Zack was caught breakdancing? I assume he breakdances. I honestly don’t know if he does.

Our modern age Power Rangers movie seems to be taking an organic alien approach to the technology. The morphers (I think that’s what they call them) that the teens find seem to appear as shards of rock. The morphers give them powers even before they morph which is a new thing. Sure man. We don’t see them actually morph into anything, but we see it begin to slowly happen to Jason in what seems like an accident.

power-rangers-teaser-3-bulkThere’s also a scene where Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) floats above Kimberly and says she’s killed Rangers before. I liked that. However, I didn’t see Bulk AND Skull. I saw only Bulk. He head butts Billy and falls down. Maybe he’s a combination of Bulk and Skull and they just call him Bull.

Power Rangers opens March 24, 2017.

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