“It’s A Me!” Mario to be Released in the App Store This December

Many people expected big news from today’s Apple event on the expected new version of the iPhone, but no one could predict that a certain Italian plumber would make a surprise appearance.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Nintendo Representative Director and Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto jointly announced Super Mario Run, an infinite-runner mobile game exclusive to the App Store.

Miyamoto himself appeared on-stage at the Apple event to demo the game, which will release this December. Through a translator, Miyamoto discussed the game basics for Super Mario Run saying that Mario will run automatically from left to right, and players tap to jump across obstacles. More news on the app will be forthcoming, but it was also announced that Nintendo will release special stickers for use in iMessages with the iOS 10 update.

It’s worth noting that it’s unprecedented for Nintendo to make a major video game announcement during another company’s press conference, which is why this comes as such as shock. It shows that Nintendo is committed to bringing more of its original characters and gameplay to the mobile market. This is smart business for Nintendo as their games and characters are certain to sell through the roof in the App Store. Was Pokémon GO the catalyst for Nintendo to finally jump on the Koopa Troopa? Or was this something that’s been in the works for a while? We’ll keep you posted on the news as we learn details.

As our mustachioed hero would say before starting a new adventure, “Let’s a go!”

Andrew Wyzan

Andrew Wyzan

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