Why I am not reading Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Well, what can I say about a new book, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, Part 1 and II?

It seems like the exact same stories we have all been ready, reworked for the new young generation. How else do you keep something going for adults in their 30’s who are growing up for this stuff, you now have their kids continue! I’m not buying (yet).

Basic plot is along the same, the kids go to Hogwarts, the Potters and the Malfoy’s rival, the past is drawn up, and someone gets hurt. It would be nice to see something that doesn’t always take place at Hogwarts. The fact that Harry works at the Ministry of Magic, and Ron owns his Weasleys’ Wizards Wheezes store? It’s just to cheesy sounding to me.

Honestly after the last and final disappointment of the saga on film, I find myself not wanted to read another page or watch another film. You ever watch an epic movie only to have the sequel be terrible? Of course you have! If you are on Inside Pop Culture’s website then you are most likely a movie buff and cannot possibly get enough. Well, it’s like this: Lets take Star Wars as the example. The originals were epic. You really cannot continue the saga and think you can outdo them, right? Well, up until The Force Awakens, they did exactly that, each film they released was worse than the previous.

You would think Disney had the right talent to continue them, but each was horrible for me. I had almost given up on the franchise altogether honestly, it was only the last movie that redeemed me. Enough about Star Wars, this is a Harry Potter story, isn’t it?

You’re looking puzzled as you read this, and for good reason! How dare I put down one of the most beloved movie series of our generation? Simple, the storyline was grand, the movies wonderful and the finale lame as hell. I am still struggling with this one, and I do not think I can overlook it. Frankly now when I go to Universal Studios, I almost walk away from Hogwarts. Well, almost. Alright, I still go and ride all the rides since they are quite awesome, and grab a Dragon Ale or two.

Okay, so hear me out: WARNING – SPOILERS FROM THE FINAL HARRY POTTER (Deathly Hallows Part 2)


This is the most bizarre scene in a movie that to me, irritates me severely. After Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) defeats the epic villain Lord Voldemort, you see him on the bridge holding the most sacred wand ever constructed; The Elder-wand of Dumbledore. Instead of Harry following the books story-line and using it to repair his own wand (which would have made sense) he tosses it over a bridge. Into the abyss? Who knows, I would think some evil genius “might” come back and grab the wand? The most powerful wand on earth can be snapped in half with your bare hands, and it renders it useless? That doesn’t make sense to me. In fact, I think it tells you just how silly the wizarding world might just be.

I still find myself laughing at the wizards sometimes when they chant “Expeliarmus” to render their foe defenseless.

Seems like they would go around all day chanting it and zapping people, no? I would.

This one scene ruined the movie for me. Until this point I had given the Harry Potter movies the respect they deserved, even though many had gone out on a limb a bit far for me, somehow they had that “child-like” fun about them and some just seemed pretty darn cool. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a wand, cast spells, and eat chocolate frogs? Yeah, I think that last one on on the list isn’t appetizing either. But having a cloak of invisibility could come in handy sneaking out of work early, I mean, am I right?

So, am I going to pick up the next series and continue the saga? I may wait for the movie on this one. Perhaps it is because the script writers obviously do not stay with the books anyways, so reading it will make me hate the movie more, and as a movie fan, I just wont take the risk. I enjoyed them all as a whole, and I the author, J.K. Rowling is a total nutty lady, who borderlines genius.

Robin Reeve

Robin Reeve

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