See the Power Rangers character posters with a glimpse of their Zords below.

The Power Rangers came into my life when the very first implications began to creep into my young mind that the ideologies of my childhood wonder were beginning to wane in the power from the light of my ever approaching adulthood. Also my girlfriend of three weeks had recently dumped me, but soon the blue of my melancholy would be joined by the red, black, yellow, and pink of a group of new friends from Angel Grove.

Despite my budding relationship with the Power Rangers, it was my relationship with my own pre-pubescent body and the idea of girls that ultimately took focus. It really was ‘morphin-time’ my friends.

I tell you this to inform you that I really have next to no interest in a new Power Rangers movie, but it’s news nonetheless and that’s what we do here.

The posters show the new iteration of the Rangers posing on their respective Zords. They’re all giving the camera a particularly smoky look. As you can see, Billy is straight up chillin’ on his triceratops while looking into your soul. Based on what we see of the Zords they appear to be made in Photoshop by a producers teenage son or daughter.

As you may remember, after villain Rita Repulsa inevitably turned that weeks’ monster large, the Power Rangers would jump into their Zords and fight ineffectually against the monster before combining into Megazord and winning the day; seemingly always with a special slice from their giant sword.

I… I cannot bring myself to care too much either way. Girls are still pretty cool though.

Is anyone out there excited about this new Power Rangers movie?

power-rangers-2017-movie-poster-yellow-zord power-rangers-2017-movie-poster-pink-zord power-rangers-2017-blue-poster power-rangers-2017-movie-poster-black-zord power-rangers-2017-movie-poster-red-zord

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