Rory Gilmore had many admirers throughout Gilmore Girls, but there were only three true contenders: Dean, Jess, and Logan. Who will she end up with in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life? Vote in the poll below!

The Gilmore Guys have aged into men in the years since leaving Stars Hollow. Who will Rory be with out of her main three loves? If, in fact, she chooses anyone at all…


Dean Forester |

The tall-but-small-minded townie that was Rory’s first boyfriend, kiss, and love. And also her first FIRST, oh, and her first (and hopefully only) affair. Dean’s full of firsts! Has Dean self reflected on who he is and what he wants to aspire to in the last decade? Or is he at home with the simple life? He always managed to find a way back into Rory’s life, but never felt like he fit because he didn’t. I’m not sure Dean was ever okay being a carpenter or a bag boy, but we never knew what he truly wanted to be and that’s what he needs to have learned if he has a chance with Rory. Maybe he’s embraced his mechanical sensibilities (he did build Rory her first car if you remember) and runs his own auto garage? He could have taken over for Gypsy! Rory isn’t judgmental in what her suitors do for a living, but the key is that she wants them to have ambition. However, her family never approved of Dean, and Lorelai had a big problem with Rory having an affair with a married man because she didn’t raise her to be “the type of girl who sleeps with someone else’s husband”, obviously.


Jess Mariano |

Duh. Jess was everyone’s favorite, but he was kind of a butthead when you think about it. Everyone loves a bad boy though and Jess certainly was that. But he complimented Rory the best. He challenged her and brought her out of her squared comfort zone. He could talk about in depth thoughts and discuss books amongst the best of them and anyone who ends up with Rory should be capable of those. The biggest hurdle for Jess and the possibility of being with Rory is growing up and getting over his hot-headedness. Fortunately it looked as though he had already begun the process the last few appearances he made in Gilmore Girls. Jess published his own short novel called The Subsect via the publisher he worked for Truncheon. At one point he spent time with Rory and her boyfriend, Logan. Those two did not get along from the get go. Jess left angrily and told Rory “this isn’t you” and that he knew her better than anyone. We agree. The last time Jess and Rory saw each other was at an open house for Truncheon. The two share a kiss despite Rory being with Logan. After being upset by this (the still being with Logan part), Jess tells her he’s still glad she came.


Logan Huntzberger |

No. I mean, does anyone really like Huntzberger? Logan is the only one to propose of the three so he has that going for him. He offered a life in San Francisco with an avocado tree in the backyard, but Rory needed time to think when asked. Ultimately she chose a “wide-open future” losing Logan in the process. I don’t really like Logan for the same reasons Jess didn’t, but Logan did do the most for Rory. Not just because of his money, but in terms of changing his ways. He quit working for his father Mitchum, focused more on his career (and then more on Rory when working too much), was by Rory’s side when Richard had a heart attack, didn’t cheat on her when he was in England, and gave her his trust when she admitted she had a crush on someone. Rory Gilmore and Logan Huntzberger look good on paper, but besides giving Rory the cool nickname of “Ace” nothing feels right about it. What is Logan doing as an adult? There’s no way that a Huntzberger doesn’t have money, right?


Another option is one that we may not want to hear, but what if Rory isn’t with anyone?

From the trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life we can see that Rory is doing some Jack Kerouac levels of soul searching. She visits Chilton and we know she sees each of these three former boyfriends at some point, but for what reasons we can’t surely say. I love Rory as a character, but I also think that she may be better as someone who’s single, just like her mother, but that’s a whole other story… Some people are incapable of being alone and others thrive on their solitude. Everyone is different. Rory (and Lorelai) are the types that are so radiant and amazing that they should be with someone, but that doesn’t mean that they should be with someone.


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