It’s Summer for the Gilmore Girls and to move some plot along we finally have an appearance from Jess Mariano.

The last episode ended with Rory moving back home proclaiming, “I’m moving home.” So of course Rory spends the rest of the episode denying she’s back when being welcomed by the town that worships her. But enough of the mistress who keeps calling her ex boyfriend Logan even though his fiancé is now moved in, let’s move on to less troubling things, sorta.

gilmore-girls-a-year-in-the-life-summerLike, April! Luke’s kid. Who somehow looks like she’s even younger than she was? She’s wearing the outfit of a 12 year old. Baggy cargo pants with a rastacap. She’s going to MIT and apparently has a social disorder. This is my self diagnosis. She’s trying to play cool, but confesses to Rory she’s faking most of it. Luke then tells Lorelai he gives her money for things like vacationing overseas and she has a somewhat disapproving look. Which I agree with, but nothing comes from this so it’s just a wasted scene. That’s okay though because nobody wants to waste more time with April in a rastacap.

In the town meeting Taylor announces that they’re going to put on Stars Hollow: The Musical. That sounds pretty bad, but that’s only because I’ve become more grumpy over these revival episodes.

That said, the musical itself is one of the few true highlights of A Year in the Life. 

We see rehearsals in the background of a scene later and this is where I got really excited because I saw Bunheads lead Sutton Foster dancing and singing. I thought that may be it for her cameo, but fortunately I was wrong.

Sutton Foster plays Violet (“She was Kinky Boots!”) and gets to shine in the funniest scene of all of the revival series in which she performs the Stars Hollow musical for the Stars Hollow Musical advisory committee. This is one of the only scenes I laughed genuinely and consistently throughout. It’s outlandish and funny and perfect. Although technically it’s wasted time plot-wise, I didn’t mind. We weren’t spending time with April in a rastacap (seriously, why did that scene exist other than to let us know she still exists?) ya know? The musical is a key sign that Amy Sherman-Palladino has not gotten Bunheads out of her system, but more on that later.

Lorelai meets with Michel at the Secret Bar with a logo that’s simply “Shhhh!” with a finger to the mouth to keep quiet. This is one of those weird Stars Hollow things that I love. Lorelai’s fear that Michel wants to leave is confirmed. Michel wants to do more and knows he has the potential to. It’s a nice moment because it shows self reflection on his part and also that his content bickering to do more at the Dragonfly Inn is more because he wants reasons to stay around so he doesn’t have to leave so soon. This is followed by a funny moment where someone yells “Five-O!” when Taylor Doose walks by and the entire bar fold up tables and chairs, turning out the lights as he walks past them!

Back to Rory. Sory. She’s taken over the Stars Hollow Gazette newspaper that doesn’t pay anything! Oh, and cowriting that book with the drunkard Naomi Shropshire obviously fell through, but we knew that was going to happen. Rory running the Gazette is at least a step in the right direction. It’s showing her that she can get back to her roots and basics and hunker down. Of course, I think she literally says that out loud and is doing this because it sounds like something a writer would do instead of doing something natural. Oye with the poodles already…

jess-gilmore-girls-a-year-in-the-life“A cigar. I pictured you chomping a big cigar.” 

With only two hours left in A Year in the Life, Jess finally arrives. And thank the maker he does. In just a couple minutes of screen time he is more rational and pro-active and smart and adjusted than 99% of the characters we’ve been spending time with. The other 1% is Emily. 1%, that’s fitting! Anyways, Jess puts the idea in Rory’s head to write a book about the life of her and her mom. Duh.

When Rory tells Lorelai about the book she doesn’t want her to do it. She doesn’t want people to know she left her daughter in a bucket at a hardware store when she was two, despite being a teenage single parent. It’s like they care more about what people think about what they look like when they don’t realize that they spend too much time thinking about what people think of them. Oh, and we’ve covered how one is a mistress, yet again, and the other drunkingly tells lewd personal stories at her fathers wake, right? Your actions define you, ladies.

Rory later calls Logan to break up, but says to him,“We can’t even break up because we’re nothing.” Yes. Exactly. Move on girl. And Lorelai and Luke reveal that they’ve both been keeping things from one another. Lorelai has continued going to therapy alone (yay!) and Luke hasn’t told her about seeing potential new diner locations. This also feels like familiar territory for the two.

lorelai-unbreakableLorelai is having a slight existential crisis due to it all. As a member of the Stars Hollow Musical advisory committee, she heads to Miss Patty’s to listen to a new song Taylor added to the musical. Lorelai isn’t expecting much as she was the only person who hated the dress rehearsal. How could you not love ‘A Love Revolution?’ It’s hilarious! Instead, ‘Unbreakable’ is a moving solo performance by Sutton Foster’s, Violet. At one point during the performance, the spotlight focuses on Violet and Lorelai making them the only two in the room. Violet is singing directly to Lorelai, who is tearing up at the lyrics that we’ve included below.

I know how everyone else’s life
Is supposed to fly by
Then someone turns and says
What about you?
And I stand here
Mouth open
Mind blank
This should have all worked itself out by now
The map of my life should be clear and precise
With little red dashes and circles so nice
Showing roadblocks
And landmines
Oh, I am not unbreakable
I am breaking right now
Maybe everyone can’t have the dream
Maybe everyone can’t kiss the frog
Maybe it’ll be me and a dog
And the little stuffed dolphins on the floor
And a little dog door
Oh, I am not unbreakable
I am breaking right now
I need to be unbreakable
Somehow, it’s never
Or now

These lyrics and performance are the catalyst for Lorelai to get some answers by going Wild… Of course the other members of the Stars Hollow Musical advisory committee think it’s a dud! Perfection.

How’s it all going to end? What are those final four words? Stay tuned for our recap of the season in which most identify Gilmore Girls with, Fall.

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