Find Some STRANGER THINGS On The Internet

Pop culture is a funny thing. The internet is flooded every single day with news and fun and interesting (and disturbing) things that we devote our time to, like this site! We love these things. It’s why you’re here reading this.

Yesterday we were’ going to run a fun post that had this Stranger Things title generator since we discovered it that morning and thought we could wait until now to post it because nobody knew yet! Not even 12 hours later and I’m sure you’ve seen someone’s cover photo with their name in the Stranger Things treatment. Like ours. This is the age we live in!

But in case you weren’t aware yet, here’s a way to make it stranger…

Another fun offering is this site here where you can make a gif (pronounced like “gift” without the “t”) up to 20 characters that will spell out your message like Joyce Byers created in hopes to here from her son Will. Here’s ours below!


If you haven’t seen the Stranger Things opening credits set to Randy Newman’s Strange Things as a happy-go-lucky 80’s comedy then please click here.


And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point you in the direction of this t-shirt from TeeFury. There is something strange in the neighborhood of Hawkins, Indiana for sure.

One of my favorite stranger things is this 10 minute extended cut of the main titles theme that I may or may not have listened to repeatedly while working.

How about you? Have you discovered any strange things on the internet (related to Stranger Things of course – I’m not a fool. I’ve seen things on the interwebs…)? If so, share in the comments below!

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Heath Scott

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