Dawn Is Upon Us: The JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Is Here

We may end up looking back on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice as a good thing. As Harvey Dent said in The Dark Knight:

“It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

Is the DC Extended Universe about to reach its dawn? And if so, doesn’t that make the awful misdirection, tone, and story of the aforementioned Dawn of Justice all the more ironic? Or perhaps even poignant?

With first the stunning and refreshing poster for Wonder Woman and then it’s wonderful (yeah, I KNOW) and honestly perfect trailer, we’ve also seen the first image of the Justice League together during the day on a mountain top, and now we have this Comic-Con trailer for Justice League.

And it’s AWESOME.

Is it as good as the Wonder Woman trailer? No, I don’t think so, but it is truly fun. Yes, FUN! There’s jokes! And they’re funny and not cheeky. And it’s looks cool! Zack Snyder never has a problem making things look cool with the exception of about 80% of his last movie, but story and especially humor has never been his strong suit. What we see here in this trailer seems to have all of those elements in play: it’s cool looking (the wave of water that engulfs Aquaman, Cyborg’s aesthetic, all of the Flashes scenes) with a story that looks fun and that’s laid out in the trailer with ease and clarity. That is a HUGE improvement based on what we’ve seen in the previous two films that kicked off the DCEU.

Forgiveness is a good thing to be capable of, but it’s easier to do when those you need and want to forgive step up and help you out. This shift in tone from what we’ve seen in Wonder Woman and Justice League gives me hope that Warner Brothers actually acknowledged the problems and is doing their best to course correct (Geoff Johns, Ben Affleck, Patty Jenkins, James Wan).

I cannot wait for the dawn to come.

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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