Dancing in the Streets of Silence

Some insane genius took the music out of David Bowie and Mick Jagger’s ‘Dancing in the Streets’ music video and the result is something on par with A Clockwork Orange. See for yourself below.


I love that there’s not much actual dancing in the streets (or any dancing at all depending on what your definition of dancing is) in the video for ‘Dancing in the Streets’. I mean, they dance in hallways, down stairs, random warehouse rooms – all of which appear to be abandoned. In terms of music videos in general this one is pretty bad even with the music. Basically because it is just the two of them flailing about for three minutes. I think I have the same set of pajama’s Bowie is rocking so I feel somewhat cooler.

My favorite part is the added ambiance of background noises from traffic sirens to crickets. It conveys that these two guys have just lost it and are in the middle of nowhere doing whatever this is all by themselves. Thanks to YouTuber Strack Azar for creating this gem.

And here’s the original music video with music for your curiosity.

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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