Britney Spears Is Back! Again!

Brit-Brit aka, Britney Spears “Make Me” is hitting the charts.

She is back and releasing her 9th album. With all the up’s and down’s that she has gone through, it’s no surprise that she has been out of the spotlight for quite some time now. What I can say is she is coming back with a vengeance at 34 years old, rocking the look that we all know she carries oh so well. Personally I have never heard of G-Eazy, nor is that a reason for me to tune in. I think anything Britney does, will certainly bring her to the spotlight again, and Make-Me is certainly going to grab attention, but perhaps not in the good way you want.

The tracks include a single called “Make Me” featuring rapper G-Eazy, You can download the song on iTunes now. I will say I haven’t been impressed myself, as I think she might be headed down the same road as Madonna. Bringing too much “techno” or house music into the spotlight with too much editing, and less singing. Oh, Britney, we really want you to hit us baby, one more time!

Here is the official video below. The cover is what is “Making-Me” click play, It’s Britney Bitch, enjoy!



Robin Reeve

Robin Reeve

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