I am a huge fan of true crime stories. I inhale them in any format I can. Give me a six-pack of Guinness and a Cold Case Files marathon and then leave me alone because other people are the WORST… except my fiancé, and honestly the jury is still out on that one.

My never-ending search for new and interesting stories from the darker sides of humanity brought me to a podcast called Criminal. The title is what stuck out to me initially, obviously.

The first thing you will notice about Criminal is that while crime–in one form or another–is a common theme, it often exists merely in the outskirts of each episode. The podcast itself is much more interested in telling stories of flawed, complicated people who are sometimes involved in criminal activity or somehow caught up in something nefarious.

The production of each episode is as wholly unique as the story each episode tells. I often listen to podcasts with headphones on as I do work around the house or run errands around town, and Criminal in particular has a way of engulfing all of my senses into the story. You never feel like you’re listening to two people talk in a studio. Most episodes are recorded on location with the people they are interviewing, which is helpful to the immersion of each episode standing on its own. To continue the immersion the shows Instagram page houses a new piece of artwork for each episode that helps you appreciate before you listen, and better understand after you listen.

I would highly recommend this podcast to any audiophiles out there. The only real negative is that currently, episodes are only being released twice a month. While this no doubt is essential to the high quality of each episode, the two week wait is not fun when you are hooked.

Criminal is available on itunes. You can visit their website here.

Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds

He prefers the company of his wife and dogs to most others. Batman nerd, true crime obsessed, Guinness fan, and general dork. Dad jokes are his specialty.

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