Watch attractive people in swimsuits run towards you in slow motion.

Gettin’ some major 21 Jumpstreet vibes from thisĀ Baywatch trailer. And that’s not a bad thing as both 21 Jumpstreet and 22 Jumpstreet are hilarious.

I can foresee a future where this Baywatch universe crosses over into Jumpstreet’s. Shared universes are all the rage for the next few decades after Marvel had a meeting with Captain Obvious and decided to make all the money ever. The tone of the two seem to match, but I’m really just trying to manifest another 21 Jumpstreet sequel with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill back in those *roles.

But yeah, Baywatch! Gorgeous women and men running around saving people in swimsuits! The Rock even dives under firewater and rescues someone on a yacht. I wish he would have taken a sip of champagne before jumping off, but that seems more Zac Efron’s style. I like how he gently crashes his bike as he jumps off of it and dives from the pier. Efron is the man made of abs and comedy. His comedic turn the last few years (Neighbors, Neighbors 2, and I guess Dirty Grandpa and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) is impressive.

Also, Alexandra Daddario is a host from Westworld, right? There’s just no way she’s real.

Baywatch opens next summer.


*Please let that Men In Black crossover with 21 Jumpstreet happen somehow.

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