There is no one quite like Alton Brown.

A combination of Julia Child and Bill Nye, Alton Brown’s passion for scientific and inventive cooking is comparable to none. Named Cooking Teacher of the Year in 2004 by Bon Appetit and winning the James Beard Foundation Award for Best TV Food Personality in 2011, Brown’s ability to connect his viewers to the methods of instructional cookery are one-of-a-kind in today’s collection of competitive and reality food TV shows.

Basically, we all sorely miss Good Eats.

The pilot episode aired originally in 1998 on Chicago’s PBS affiliate WTTW . Food Network then picked it up, creating it into one of the network’s longest running shows, spanning 14 seasons. Good Eats used a combination of straightforward techniques, scientific background, history, and types of equipment use in a quirky environment that included inventive camera-angles and recurring fictional characters.

In an interview not too long after the last episode aired in February 2012, Brown stated, “I’ve put Good Eats into cryogenic holding. I’m not saying it’s gone. I didn’t shoot it in the head, I didn’t kill it, but after 13 solid years of production, I needed a break.”

Well my friends, that break is finally over.

Brown took to Facebook, announcing via live-stream that there would be a follow-up sequel to Good Eats. Although clarifying that the show would not be called Good Eats, it would have a similar format, bringing back instructional cookery. This new show will take place through an online platform and not through the Food Network. Brown stated that there were too many limitations with the network and that with this new show he will have the “freedom to do what I want, say what I want and cook what I want.

Yes, please.

Prepared with a notepad and pen, Brown took suggestions from fans for the better part of an hour after saying that he wants the new show to not just be about what he wants to cook, but about what his fans want to see on the show too. His creativity blooms as fans toss out ideas and you can just tell that this show is going to be like nothing we’ve seen before.

I’m ready for a completely unfiltered Alton Brown and for all the good eats he’s going to cook up in 2017. You can watch the full live-stream video below.

Time for another Saturday morning chat.

Posted by Alton Brown on Saturday, October 29, 2016



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