The first poster for Alien: Covenant is far more familiar than we anticipated.


“I admire its purity. A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.”

Those words from Ash from Ridley Scott’s Alien sum up how I feel about the above poster that was released directly from Fox. The simplicity, the fear, the danger of the Xenomorph is present. And it is THE Xenomorph. It’s not the CG monstrosity we saw at the close of Prometheus.

I was hugely let down with Prometheus, but only because it could have been so much more and it almost was. The story is a sloppy mess. A convoluted pile of sticky notes that are good ideas that don’t blend into a good narrative form of storytelling. Those ideas may not have translated properly, but they ultimately left us with amazing performances from Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, outstanding visuals, and some really great individual scenes.

But if it has led to the possibility of what this poster promises? Then I will certainly run. I’ll run my ass so fast to the first available screening of Alien: Covenant possible. I think Fox knows this. In addition to the boldness of this poster they’re also using it as an announcement that this is being released three months earlier than expected. This is a tentpole film. This is big. And they know it.

That’s what I’m believing at least. Wouldn’t it be great to have a genuinely great Alien film again? And then a Shane Black co-written and directed Predator film following it? Game over, man.

Alien: Covenant now opens May 19, 2017.

Heath Scott

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