This weeks trailer to IT soaked into the subconscious nightmares of our popular culture. Why?

We haven’t seen so many reactions from people about a horror movie in quite some time. The IT trailer seems to have struck a chord with most of us and at varying levels of horror. Some people are absolutely terrified of it and others are just creeped out. Everyone has an opinion, let’s take a look at some below.

Cullen Littlefield | “The most terrifying aspect for me is the terror of a child. Adults in horror movies do dumb things generally for no reason, but children make smart decisions, are not believed by adults, and are then usually subjected to more horrifying things than you’d imagine. With this particular trailer the scene with the two boys in the sewer was bone-chilling.”

Brian Reynolds | “It touches on a moment in your life when you think you have everything figured out, but you’re still young enough to be afraid of what may be lurking around the corner. Navigating the turbulent waters of childhood sucks. It sucks even more when you can’t be sure if there’s a monster waiting under a sewer drain.”

Amy Casaletto | “Clowns are scary. Period.”

Elaina Panesso | “The nostalgia scared me… I remember being terrified as a kid, but I couldn’t stop watching – or reading the book. I felt the same with the trailer. I hate clowns. I mean, I HATE clowns… so Pennywise himself scares me. They did a great job on the character and makeup. Bonus: the music is super creepy.”

Janie Pope | I think the trailer is incredibly well done, but I really did not find it scary. I think if anything, it was disturbing (in a good way), and it created a sense of anticipation for me because of the suspense. I now have a desire to see a movie I really haven’t cared much about until now. There’s something to be said for leaving much to the imagination. So many trailers these days give everything away.”

John Pope | “It reminds me of when they remade Red Dawn. I can explain, I promise. What I mean is that it has sparked an interest in revisiting the original version, a movie with which I’m not very familiar. My perspective is a bit different because I’m younger and I never really gave it (ha) much consideration. Now I’m curious about both of them. I just hope the remake of IT is better than the remake of Red Dawn.”

Will Scott | “I will say I didn’t feel completely freaked out. But that being said, anytime a clown runs after you with insane rage is scary. If anything is scarier or creepier than a crazy clown it’s possessed children.”

Why did the IT trailer scare you? Is it really as scary as many think it is? Share your thoughts with us!

Heath Scott
His love of most things in entertainment can be summed up by having an English Bulldog named Spielberg and consistently asking if it’s Halloween yet.
Heath Scott

Heath Scott

His love of most things in entertainment can be summed up by having an English Bulldog named Spielberg and consistently asking if it's Halloween yet.

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