Wake Up With Donald Glover’s ATLANTA Promos

Over the weekend we shared with you the trailer for Donald Glover’s Atlanta and we can’t wait to finally see it. Being genuine fans of his work and knowing how invested he’s been in the development of the show we found this playlist of 11 different promos. They total less than four minutes and we wanted to share them with you. Because we’re good like that.

I know these are brief snippets, but I love them all. The first half are the 15 second glimpses of life, all very reactionary and what I imagine your life flashing before your eyes would be like. Then we have the ‘Wake Up’ promo being the longest of the playlist at 45 seconds and a joy to watch quite frankly. The track ‘Sleepless’ by Flume and Jezzabell Doran is pitch perfect in it as well  (we’ve embedded that for your listening pleasure below, again, because we’re good like that). After that, the latter bunch of promos are filmed in reverse, giving such a bizarre and interesting quality to them. At first, I thought that Donald just had a gimp leg, but then noticed everything going on in the background. I LOVE the few where he’s walking with his friends and they have some impromptu dance moves. Those reversed clips feature Rihanna’s ‘Same Ol’ Mistakes‘ which is my favorite JAM from her ANTI album.

Just the fact that they’ve been so creative with these promos gives me even more anticipation for Atlanta… and more music from Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover, but you already knew that because you’re good like that).

Atlanta premieres Sept 6 on FX.

Heath Scott

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