That Pepsi Girl Is An Eisenberg

Hold the phone. This is a real thing. Either this is the best kept 20-year-old secret, or I’m way behind the times. Jesse Eisenberg and the Pepsi-Cola kid are siblings!Eisenberg Collage
Wait, she has a name. It’s Hallie Kate Eisenberg. Now that they’re side by side it makes total sense!


hallie eisenbergJesse is rolling in blockbusters (The Social Network, Now You See Me, American Ultra, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Cafe Society, and more), but what happened to little Ms. Pepsi? The 90’s called. They want their Shirley Temple back! Turns out you can find her in Holy Rollers along side her dashingly quirky brother, in a not-so-glamorous depiction of the Israeli drug cartel. Holy Rollers debuted in 2010, and is Hallie’s latest acting credit. She traded the spotlight for college, and I say good for her. Whatever keeps her happy, and away from the path of some of her peers.

Now, enjoy some nostalgia on us, and feel gratified in knowing these two are related.

Janie Pope

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