Wonder Woman is giving me some hope in the DCEU with this new trailer.

There are so many things about this trailer that make me excited. We finally have a badass, female, superhero movie! And it really doesn’t look like it will disappoint (ahem, Suicide Squad). She’s finally the great role model every female wants (or needs); she’s fierce, she’s loyal, she’s compassionate, and she’s downright gorgeous.

Wonder Woman is the ultimate warrior.

With her indestructible bracelets (effectively saving Chris Pine’s skin – which he then burns against them from the heat of bullet fire), her Lasso of Truth, and her sword and shield bestowed on her by the Gods of Olympus, she is fully equipped for battle. And let’s not forget her super strength and skills at hand-to-hand combat. Did you see her roundhouse kick that guy in the face? IN THE FACE?!

But she’s also a protector.

Her involvement in The Great War derives from her compassion for fellow beings who need saving. Her duty to serve others, to join forces with another species to fight evil, is the type of bravery we need to be reminded of.

The premise of the movie will take place as flashback, so we know from the beginning that something bad must happen in the end to make her go into hiding. “I used to want to save the world, this beautiful place, but the closer you get, the more you see the great darkness within… I learned this the hard way, a long long time ago.”

It’s hard to think how this can’t end on an emotional downer given this info, but if the movie is actually good? It’s not going to matter. If DC is really course-correcting then Wonder Woman would be the first result in that. And so far it’s got us very excited with everything we’ve seen. Protect us Diana!

Wonder Woman comes to save us all June 2, 2017.


Director Zack Snyder released this video in celebration of the last day of filming Justice League in the UK .

Holy shit! That’s a lot of fun!

We love seeing the cast and crew enjoying themselves and making a movie all of geekdom has been waiting for. Everything we’ve seen seems to have been a course correction after the dismal Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which we’ve covered here. This video reinforces that.

Besides the good times being had we also noticed some interesting details. For starters, Henry Cavill is definitely Superman in his default costume. We also catch a glimpse of him shirtless punching while Ezra Miller hams it up as the Flash. There’s also a lot of Batman bat-grappling, Gal Gadot being a goddess, Cyborg pulling things, and Aquaman walking through a wave.

Take a look at some of our favorite images below.

justice-league-last-day-uk-1-feat-image-800x421 justice-league-last-day-uk-3-feat-image-800x421 justice-league-last-day-uk-4-feat-image-800x421 justice-league-last-day-uk-5-feat-image-800x421 justice-league-last-day-uk-6-feat-image-800x421 justice-league-last-day-uk-7-feat-image-800x421 justice-league-last-day-uk-8-feat-image-800x421

Zack Snyder, please. PLEASE. This looks good. Hell, Man of Steel looked amazing. But please let Justice League not only look good, but be good.

Justice League opens November 17, 2017.


P.S. Some of Zack Snyder’s fans are a little… intense.