Stan Lee Says F#*K YOU!

We’re behind on this one, but fuck you if that’s a problem! Wait wait! You should take it as a compliment! Let us explain…

At the premier of Suicide Squad, director David Ayer proclaimed, “Fuck Marvel!”

Oh, nerd rage! Is there anything better? In a moment that will surely live in infamy (for the next day or so, or couple of weeks now), David Ayer sounded his barbaric yell into the heavens. His cries reverberated throughout the hall, as legend now has it, several DC Fanboys all looked to the west in unison. Setting aside the fact that Ayer was clearly caught up in the moment, he was responding to a fan who had shouted this sentiment only moments before, but what came from this is a response from the one and only Stan Lee. Let’s take a moment to appreciate Stan’s glorious response:

Could this man be any classier? Or more correct? Criticism isn’t an insult, it’s either a reason to improve or a compliment. But let’s also take a minute to see how the Distinguished Competition responded back to Stan the Man:

I love this! This reminds me of the days when Marvel and DC would go back and forth with the ribbing, but it was all in good fun. Stan and company would refer to DC as the aforementioned Distinguished Competition and that’s such a lovely way to describe your direct competitor. Good form for all involved.

Fuck you guys, and I mean it!

Heath Scott

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