Official Poster for SUPERGIRL Season 2

And The CW’s scheduled line-up for The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl!

Kara Zor-El thankfully is landing with the rest of her DC superheroes on The CW. We got a brief glimpse her crossover with Barry Allen in an episode of Supergirl last season that gave us this gem:

Doesn’t that warm your cold insides? That level of chemistry and fun is part of what I love about Supergirl and The Flash shows. There’s even going to be a musical crossover this year and as a man who truly loves women I still almost squealed and blushed at the thought of that. But then again, I own the soundtrack to ‘Once More, With Feeling’.

Melissa Benoist is obviously wonderful as Kara, but also a great Supergirl. I’ve said before and will again that this series has been much more in the vein of what these characters are supposed to be. As superheroes, role models, and people in general. This poster for Season 2 is pretty cool too! It’s much better than the previous image with the dumpy Superman who I’m still not sold on. Admittedly he does look somewhat better here, but that costume is still fug. Anyways, here’s the poster via The CW!


That’s iconic and nice and strong. That’s Supergirl. I like it.

The Flash Season 3 will premiere Tuesday, October 4th at 8pm on The CWArrow Season 5 will premiere in the same time-slot on Wednesday, October 5th, Supergirl Season 2 on Monday, October 10th, and Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 on Thursday, October 13th.


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