Now You See Me 2, Seen and Reviewed

Now You See Me 2 surprises audiences with new tricks

The Four Horsemen return to the screen! Well, three of them actually but they do grab a new female costar pretty quick. If special effects make a movie, this one will grab your curiosity. Personally, I am a huge fan of magic. I’ve met David Copperfield in person, I interviewed him for a radio show, and for me, I liked to be shocked by something unexplainable.


Here is why Now You See Me 2 loses me

The movie lacks a good storyline. You know the type of movie that grabs you and never lets go until the end? Wouldn’t you love all movies like this? This is not that movie. First, lets do a super fast recap of the first, and to why I thought it was epic.

The first movie introduced you to the concept of real-magic. Well, slight of hand, and trickery, but completely unexplainable magic. The cast did a great job, all such drastic different personalities, but combined, they formed the Four Horsemen. The group was searching for ways to get back at an uber-wealthy insurance tycoon, played by Michael Caine. That alone is worth watching, as I love Michael Caine films.

But the actual prop-magic used by clowns was invisible, meaning it wasn’t there. They showed you a side of magic, that, if real, could be amazing. They lured you in to a sense of comfort, all while fooling you. That’s the David Copperfield stuff I loved as a kid.


Well, the Four Horsemen gathered, played games, laid out tricks, and shocked the world as they escape into the fireworks of playing cars. It really grabbed my attention, and the trailer delivered on the promise of a good film. Not epic, but good film. I won’t go into details of the ending, or spoil the first film for you, as it would give away the second, so if you missed the first Now You See Me, do yourself a favor; buy it.

Now You See Me 2… (some very minor plot spoilers ahead)

So, fast forward to this rendition. The movie starts as expected, with “almost” the same cast, minus Isla Fisher-Cohen. You know, the crazy stage-5 clinger from Wedding Crashers? Sure, she did great in the first film, but Isla has now been replaced by a firecracker-personality played by Lizzie Caplan. Did Lionsgate make the right choice for this sequel? Replacing a fiery red-head with a sassy brunette? (your preference tells a lot about you…)

So, what is wrong with the storyline? Well, it continues from the first film, which could have been awesome, except that no one really cares. It’s all about getting even, bringing up the past, and I’m telling you, that normally makes for a great movie! Not this time. I am not sure what it is. Trying to put my finger on it a few times, I have boiled it down to the following:

  1. The amusement of the first wore off. You expected to see bigger. You won’t.
  2. The storyline missed the mark, as it took far too long to dive into it.
  3. Did you watch the first movie? If not, your not going to understand this one.

Robin Reeve
He is a digital nerd, major moviephile and an obsessive Superman fanboy. He believes Halloween deserves its own month, not day.
Robin Reeve

Robin Reeve

He is a digital nerd, major moviephile and an obsessive Superman fanboy. He believes Halloween deserves its own month, not day.

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