All we’ve seen of Christopher Nolan‘s new World War II epic, Dunkirk, are a few quick glances of water and beach in a truly great teaser released a few months ago.

But now we have an equally impressive full trailer.

The film, I think it is safe to assume, will tell the story of the Battle of Dunkirk. In one of the lowest moments for the Allied forces, the Nazis pushed the mostly British troops back to the beaches of Dunkirk, France. During a three day halt by the Nazi troops, Britain mustered military and civilian ships to evacuate nearly 30,000 troops across the English Channel.

It is an amazing story, and one rarely told outside of Britain.

The cast looks fantastic, with Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, and Kenneth Branagh playing major roles in the trailer, and my boy Tom Hardy making an appearance from the cockpit of a fighter.

Here’s the poster below that’s reminiscent of most Christopher Nolan movie posters.


Dunkirk is set to be released July 21st of 2017.

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