This morning, after months of teases, rumors and vagaries, Nintendo formally announced their new home gaming console, the Nintendo Switch.

Shown for the first time in this 3-minute teaser trailer set to White Denim’s ‘Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)’, the console is a unique home console and handheld hybrid system. It looks just like a standard tablet, with two halves of a controller than can be attached to each side of the tablet or used as remote controllers. When at home, the tablet can be docked into a home unit that plays the game from a TV, presumably using higher graphics and performance as well as charging the tablet unit.

Nintendo is switching it up on us.

Both home and on-the-go play appear to support multiple controller options as the Wii U currently does. The video showed the two controller halves being used separately, attached to the console and being combined into one standard looking controller using a third piece as a connector (and possible battery). There was also footage of another standard controller similar to the Wii U Pro controller.nintendo-switch

As a result of this design, the Switch has no disc drive. Games are played from cartridges that appear the same as Nintendo DS and 3DS cartridges and are loaded directly into the tablet.

The video still leaves many questions unanswered. There’s still no concrete release date and it’s not clear if the Switch is meant to replace both the Wii U and the 3DS.  It was also sparse in showing new video game footage, as most of the games shown are Wii U games, which at least confirms some kind of backwards-compatability. New games that may have been quickly shown in the video were a new Mario Kart, a new Super Mario game and an Elder Scrolls-esque fantasy game. New footage of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was shown, having already been announced earlier in 2016.

The Nintendo Switch releases March 2017. Cost TBA.

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