We haven’t heard much about Nintendo’s newest portable console, the Nintendo NX, however, that may be about to change.

As of this writing, Nintendo has not officially announced anything, but rumors are spreading throughout the tech world that the official unveiling of the Nintendo NX could come as soon as this Friday, October 21st.

The rumors, along with Nintendo’s silence, are raising expectations surrounding the new console. Nintendo has always shown an interest in embracing mobile gaming. It’s worked well for them in the past (Game Boy), and sometimes not so well (Virtual Boy). Sales of the Nintendo Wii were lower than expected, and it is possible that Nintendo has had difficulty settling on a retail price for the NX that will satisfy its bottom line and line and entice buyers. The most common possible price being discussed is between $300-$350 retail.

I’m an old school gamer, so while I’ll for sure be purchasing an NES Classic Edition when it’s released in November, I don’t think I will own anything new generation until my future spawn demand it. Stay tuned for updates!


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