May the Force be with us.

There’s not too much new in this international trailer for Rogue One, but what is new continues to excite. We see a more personal look at Jyn Erso and the relationship she has with her father, Galen (Mads Mikkelsen). She’s given a Kyber crystal by her mother who tells her to “Trust in the Force.”

Kyber crystals are important in the Star Wars universe. They are what the Jedi use to power their lightsabers and all remain colorless until a Jedi bonds with them. The red colored lightsabers of the Sith are due to the corruption of their crystals. I honestly don’t care for this detail on the crystals coloring, but sure. The crystals themselves were often gathered by young Jedi in training. Could Jyn have ties to the Jedi?

What we do know is that Kyber crystals are what powers the super laser of the Death Star. The Empire mined planets that were rich with the crystals and stripped them of everything. Galen Erso is a scientist that looks as if he’s forced to work on the construction of the Death Star in order to spare his family. We don’t believe he’s willingly working with the Empire. Besides the central story of stealing the plans of the Death Star we believe the relationship between Jyn and her father to be a huge factor.

We also have this amazing new shot of the Death Star fully armed and operational firing upon a planet.


And of course there’s the brief new glimpse of Lord Vader above in our featured image. Star Wars is a blanket of comfort for a lot of people. It gives us hope. “Rebellions are built on hope.” Despite the rise of a galactic Empire there’s good people that exist in this universe. Rebels that defy odds and risk certain death in order to bring peace to the galaxy. It’s a noble cause.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens December 16th.

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