You may or may not remember the trial of Amanda Knox.

In short, Amanda Knox was an American student attending school in Italy. One of her roommates ended up on the train to murder town (population her) and Knox was accused of taking part in the crime. Although Knox was initially found guilty, a lengthy legal process ensued consisting of multiple appeals, re-trials and overturned verdicts. Knox was finally acquitted by the Supreme Court of Cassation (Italy’s highest court) in 2015.

The trial became a media circus, with reporters smelling blood in the water and sensational details began releasing every hour. As happens with these types of public crimes, people fell into one of two camps: guilty or innocent.  On the heels of its first successful crime related documentary, Making a Murderer, Netflix has released two trailers for its upcoming documentary on Amanda Knox… called Amanda Knox… focusing on the question many people still have, is Knox innocent or guilty?

The first trailer Believe Her, and the second, Suspect Her are both cut and edited very differently, eliciting strong opposing feelings. Regardless of your stance on the Knox case, this is definitely an interesting way to market the documentary.

Amanda Knox will be released to Netflix on September 30th.

Brian Reynolds

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